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At our Joshua Tree Healing Retreat this year, we added a new cook – Laura Darms. She was the Breakfast Guru. And what a masterful job she did. Our regular cooks, Lisa and Nancy also did great and wonderful things, but I want to share my favorite – Feta and Spinach Frittata.

A Frittata Breakfast

A Fritatta is like a quiche, but even better, no crust, and easier to fix. It’s an Italian word that means to fry, even though Frittatas aren’t fried. It’s kind of like an open-faced omelette, only easier to make and, I think, more delicious.

Frittatas are started on the stove to cook the veggies, then the eggs are added and the whole thing is popped into the oven.
When done, they are sliced up like a pizza. DELISH!!!

It is light, fluffy, flavorful, and I couldn’t get enough. I could have eaten the whole pan myself. Fortunately, there were 25 other people there with spoons out to prevent me from grabbing the pan and running to my room.

It’s easy to fix and can be made for a few or a giganto crowd with little trouble.

See the recipe here: http://www.anitasrealfood.com/breakfast-(2).html

Let me know how you like it. I’ll pass on the praise to Laura.